August 4, 2011 Sam Mugavero

Cinco de Agosto


Warmup: Run/Jump Rope for 2-3 minutes. Perform dynamic stretches followed by 50m Bear Crawl, 50m Broad Jumps, 50m Backward Sprint, 50m Sprint

Workout:   “Friday Chipper”

 Complete the following as quickly as possible:

***You may partition the following movements in any fashion you desire***

5 Sprint Laps around a Standard American Football Field or similar field

40 V-Ups or modify by performing Tuckups if you cannot perform V-ups

50 Burpees

60 Broad Jumps (Must Jump at LEAST 4 feet!)

70 Kettlebell Swings

80 Dips

90 Situps

100 Squats

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Cinco de Agosto?

I know Cinco de Mayo is long gone, so I suggest we celebrate Cinco de Agosto because it is Friday and the last weekday of freedom prior to the start of planning week for individuals in the teaching profession.  To celebrate, I think a margarita should be a nice end of summer beverage to ease into your Friday evening and help celebrate the conclusion of another summer. Interested in trying to stay on the healthier side, while still consuming a margarita? Try the following recipe for a “Skinny” Margarita:

In a tall glass, add the following in order:

Several ice cubes

1.5 Shots of your favorite TEQUILA (I like 1800 Silver or when my wife is buying, Patron Silver!)

Juice of 1 Lime

Top with Soda Water (flavored La Croix works great, too!)

Garnish with several lime wedges


Happy Friday and ENJOY!