November 27, 2012 Sam Mugavero




Warmup:   Run or Jump Rope for 2-3 minutes. Dynamic Stretching     followed by 10 Pushups, 10 Squats, and 20 Bird Dogs(hold 2 seconds/side)

Workout: “Tabata Bells!”

Complete 8 rounds of each exercise below using the Tabata Protocol. Each round consists of a 20 second work interval followed by a 10 second rest interval. There is NO rest between exercises other than the 10 seconds of rest at the end of the final round of the previous exercise.

Kettlebell Snatch  or One Arm Kettlebell Swings  (alternate arms each round)

Lateral Jumps  over Kettlebell

Kettlebell Situps (alternate arms each round)

Goblet Squats

Kettlebell Waiter Press (alternate arms each round)

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