July 24, 2016 Sam Mugavero

07/25/2016: Bodyweight Workout! It’s sneaky…!

The Smugs Fitness Ladies Tank; Great for workouts and great for garage sales! Looking good, Aleta!

Workout #207 of 366 (2016)


Warmup:   Run or Jump Rope for 2-3 minutes. Dynamic Stretching

followed by 10 Pushups, 10 Squats, and 25 Jumping Jacks.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  Jump Rope, Box/Bench/Wall/Skyscraper

Complete 3 Rounds of the following 4-minute workout.

40 seconds Superman Hold, 20 seconds REST

then…Complete as many rounds as possible in 3 minutes

10 Box Step-Ups         

20 Mountain Climbers(per leg)

5 Pushups

Rest 1 minute between each 4 minute round.

Record your total rounds.