June 26, 2011 Sam Mugavero



Warmup: Run/Jump Rope for 2 minutes, then perform dynamic stretching followed by two 30 second squat holds and 2 30 second plank holds.


In 20 minutes, complete as many rounds of the following exercises as possible:

5 Pushups

10 Broad Jumps (feet together, spring forward and land, Jump as far as possible each time)

15 Situps


Food for thought…What is the definition of a sport? I found THIS article interesting and wonder what cheerleaders, cyclist, and swimmers would say about the definition presented in the article. To some degree, I agree with many of the activites listed in the "non-sport" section, however, I would find it difficult to define activities with truly quantifiable results (based on time and not the opinion of a judge or referee) like cycling or swimming, as non-sports. What do you think?

Post results from today's workouts and your thoughts to comments.