June 26, 2011 Sam Mugavero



Warmup: Run/Jump Rope for 20 minutes followed by dynamic stretching and two rounds of 15 squats and 10 pushups.

Workout: The Burpee Ladder

Perform 1 burpee the first minute, 2 burpees the second minute, 3 burpees the third minute, 4 burpees, the fourth minute…until you can no longer perform the required number of burpees within the minute. For example, if you are on minute 11, you will perform 11 burpees. If you were only able to get to 10 burpees before the twelfth minute begins, you have failed. Your score is the the last minute in which you completed all of the required number of burpees within the minute.


Week #3 Results from the 3-Minute Challenge: Paula G. has knocked Peter M. to win last week's 3 minute challenge! Paula completed 13.4 reps of the crabwalk, while Peter M completed a still very impressive 12.5. Next week's challenge begin Tuesday!