June 19, 2011 Sam Mugavero



Today's workout is a little different than usual. We're going to focus on some core strengthening exercises and some flexibility.

For your warmup, jump rope/run for two minutes and then work through dynamics stretches.

Complete the following movements while maintaining flawlless form:

Accumulate 4 minutes in the bottom of a squat position.  Your hip crease should be slightly below your knees, shoulders back, and chest upright. No pooping dogs!

Accumulate 3 minutes of plank hold.

Perform 50 Supermans (hold 2 seconds per rep)

Perform 25 inch worms (make sure your legs remain straight through the entire movement!)

Rest as needed throughout each movement, especially when working on the squat hold and plank.  The goal fo today is to maintain excellent form throughout the movements and to increase our flexibility and core strength.

Have fun!