June 14, 2011 Sam Mugavero



Complete as many rounds as possible of the following sequence:

6 DumbbellTurkish Get-ups (3/arm) – WATCH

12 One-arm dumbbell ground to overhead (6/arm)

18 Pushups

Sprint 60 meters and back (120 meters total)

Post total rounds to comments.  Don't have a dumbbell? Use a gallon milk jug like in this VIDEO.


3-minute Challenge #2: Complete as many PUSHUP-TO-PLANK as possible in 3 minutes. Begin the movement in pushup position with hands directly under shoulders, back flat, posterior end flat and in line with back, and weight balanced on hands and toes. Bend one elbow, then the other until both forearms are on the ground. You are now in plank position. Move out of plank position and return to pushup position moving one arm at a time. This is 1-rep. Need a little visual of how this works? Check out this VIDEO. You have until 11:59 PM on Saturday 6/18/2011 to complete this week's challenge. Good Luck!

Peter M. beat everyone last week with 107 SITUPS in 3 minutes! Paula G. and Kim M. tied for second with 86 SITUPS. Way to go!