June 5, 2011 Sam Mugavero



Warmup: Run/Jump Rope for 2 minutes. Work on double unders if jumping rope. Perform dynamics stretches enging with six inchworms.  After dynamics stretches, perform the following sequence twice: 5 pushups, 5 squats, 5 situps, 5 lungesteps (0.5/leg).

Workout: Measure a distance of 10 meters. Find a heavy object and set the object down at one end of the 10 meters.

Complete the following sequence 7 times (in order) as quickly as possible:

10 Squats with the heavy object (hold it anyway you can)

10 meter heavy object carry (carry it anyway you can)

10 Overhead Presses with the heavy object

10 meter heavy object carry (carry it anyway you can, back to the side you started)

Post time and object used to comments. Have a good picture of you and your heavy object? Email me and you might be the next BLOGSTAR!



Comments (2)

  1. mark.carrington

    June 6 workout

    Time = 7:54; Object used = 28 bottles of water = 14L = 14kg = 30 lbs.  Location = Missoula, Montana Temp = 65 F; Humidity < 25%  (Not even S. Mugs' workouts can wipe the smile off my face!) — Mark C.

    • Smugs

      Way to Carrington!

      Did I see unit conversions in the post above?  Well done with the workout!  Keep us posted on your travels.