April 24, 2011 Sam Mugavero



Location: TRACK

Equipment: PVC Pipe

"Three's Company"

In a team of 3, complete the following in any order, except you MUST end on lungewalk (20 minute time limit):

75 Over-Unders (no, you cannot use the train method)

75 Overhead Squats

75 2 Person Squat/PVC Jump Over (two teammates get into the bottom of a squat with the PVC resting on one shoulder of each person, the third person leaps over the PVC pipe. That's one rep.

75 Pushups

1.5 Mile run (can be broken up anyway you'd like)

400m Lungewalk (can be broken up anyway you'd like, but it MUST be completed last!)

***If any time remains, the entire team will complete as many rounds as possible of

3 Burpees (each person)

12 Situps (each person)



Well…you've been watching your fuel closely for 3 weeks.  You've monitored your energy levels, you've tracked your performance (mentally or in a journal) and you've learned to live without a few "must-haves". This week, the challenge is simple:

You decide the lifestyle you want to live this week. Will you get enough sleep? Will you eat enough? Will you eat too much? Will you cheat and sneak grains/dairy/sugar back into your diet? Will you remove grains completely? Will you continue to cut back on your sugar?

It's your job to focus this week on how you're going to eat for life, not for a challenge, not because I am asking you to, but because you want to increase your energy, your longevity, and REDUCE you doctor's visits! Make it happen!

For this week:

Keep and extremely accurate food journal complete with all foods/beverages consumed. In addition, jot down how you feel incouding mental and physical results.

HAVE FUN this week!