April 23, 2014 Sam Mugavero

04/24/2014 – Shakespeare’s Birthday Celebration


REMINDER! The next Running Endurance Training Class will be held this Saturday 4/26 at 9:00 AM at Barrett Park. This is a FREE class and you are welcome to invite friends, family, and anyone else you think might enjoy a great workout. Hope to see you all there!

Bill Shakespeare turned 450 years old yesterday! Let's celebrate literary excellence with a tribute workout to 450 years of awesome and in the meantime, keep oursleves in good standing with resident Woodward Boot Camp Rockstar and English teacher, Jane "the Grahaminator"!


Warmup:   Run or Jump Rope for 2-3 minutes. Dynamic Stretching followed by 10 Pushups, 10 Squats, 10 Good Mornings and 15 Jumping Jacks.

Complete 2 (number of line in a couplet) Rounds of the following as quickly as possible

Run 450 meters (0.28 miles) (450th birthday!)

37 Russian Kettlebell Swings  (number of plays he wrote)

4 Body Blasters  (There are 4 lines in a quatrain)

154 Mountain Climbers   [each leg is 1 rep] (total number of Shakespearean sonnets)

18  Goblet Squats(Shakespeare’s most famous sonnet is #18)

10 Lunge steps with Kettlebell Pass Through  [per leg]   (syllables per line in Iambic pentameter)

Post your time and weight used for KB movements to comments.

“AB”-ril Workout #24:

Perform after you have completed the warmup or at the conclusion of your workout.

26 Kettlebell Situps (day of the month of Shakespeare’s Baptism)