March 18, 2011 Sam Mugavero



Location: Stadium Field

Equipment: Paper and pen/pencil (I will bring some), calculator

"The Cure for the DASPDS!" (DASPDS = Day After St. Patrick's Day Syndrome)

In twenty minutes accumulate as many points as possible:

*Points are scored by running from the touchline  to the 6 yard line, 18 yard line or midfield line (60 yards) as marked on the soccer field and performing 1 burpee, 3 burpees, or 6 burpees, repectively.

*You must perform the designated number of burpees at each line or ZERO points will be awarded for that run.

*Your score is the total number of yards ascumulated during the runs multiplied by 1% of your age (in years…no fractions of years!).

*Distance only counts on the way out to your intended line, not on the way back.

For example:

Run #1: I run to the 6 yard line and perform 1 burpee and then run back to the touchline.

Run #2: I run to the midfield and perform 6 burpees and then run back to the touchline.

Run #3: I run to the 18 yard line and perform 3 burpees.

Run #4 -Run #13: I continue until 20 minutes have expired and I accumulate a total of 836 yards.

To determine my score, I multiply my total yards accumulated (836 yards) by 1% of my age (.01 x 29 = 0.29).

My score is: 242.44 points



36 Burpees! Yay Burpees!