March 1, 2016 Sam Mugavero

03/02/2016: Dumbbell Workout with Jump Rope Skips

Name that exercise…!


Workout #62 of 366  (2016)

Warmup:   Run or Jump Rope for 2-3 minutes. Dynamic Stretching  followed by 10 Pushups, 10 Squats, 10 Good Mornings  and 15 Jumping Jacks.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  Dumbbells and Jump Rope.

Complete 5 rounds of the following 3-minute workout. Rest 1 minute between rounds.

30 seconds Dumbbell Bent Over Row

30 seconds Walking Dumbbell Lunge Step (Low Carry)

30 seconds Dumbbell Shoulder Press  or  Dumbbell Push Press

30 seconds Dumbbell Front Squat

1 minute Jump Rope Skips

Record your average reps/round.