March 1, 2011 Sam Mugavero


The "Month of Mitchell" has ended…so it's time to unveil the next challenge! This month's challenge is strictly voluntary, but strongly encouraged.  If you are in for the challenge, please keep track of your progress on the Google Docs spreadsheet I sent via email.


The Rules:

1. Each day in March we will perform burpees beginning today, March 1, 2011 (Day 1).

Day 1 = 2 burpees

Day 2 = 4 Burpees

Day 3 = 6 Burpees

Day 4 -31 = Keep adding two burpees/day until March 31st, where you will perform 64  burpees.

2. Burpees can be performed anytime during the day and can be broken up into as many sets as needed to complete the required daily amount.

3. Burpees performed as a part of your workout count toward your daily total for the burpee challenge.

4. If your workout includes more burpees than you need to perform to reach your daily total, tough cookies…burpees do not roll over to the next day.

5. If you miss a day or forget to do your burpees or are too tired to do your burpees, no problem, but they must be made up the following day in addition to the following day's required burpees. For example, if you miss day 6 (12 burpees), you will make them up on Day 7 (14 burpees + 12 burpees missed = 26 burpees).

6. Yelling "Yeah Burpees" is appropriate anytime you are performing burpees, you see someone else performing burpees, or you feel the need to disrupt silence.

7. Be sure to track your progress using the Google Docs Spreadsheet.  We need to keep each other accountable.

8. Have fun!

If you're in, post your intentions to comments!