February 16, 2014 Sam Mugavero



Warmup:   Run or Jump Rope for 2-3 minutes. Dynamic Stretching     followed by 10 Pushups, 10 Squats, and 20 Bird Dogs(hold 2 seconds/side)


Complete 5 Rounds of the following two part mini workout:

#1: 45 seconds of 20-yards Shuttle Run (20 yards out and back), 15 seconds rest.

And then…

#2: Complete as many rounds as possible in 3 minutes

10 Dumbbell Thrusters

10 Clapping Pushups  or  Pushups

Record your rounds.

“Flexuary” Stretch and Mobility Challenge – Day #17:

Shoulder – Scapular Mobility

How was your position at the top of the thruster? How about the position at the bottom of the thruster in today’s workout? Here are three suggestions for improving that position by improving your scapular mobility