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built to last fitness program


Built to Last is a program design template made to help you build strength, endurance and confidence in your ability to exercise and train.

Built to Last is a workout program design template and a great option for you if you’re new to training or looking for some guidance on how to progress your workouts.

Built to Last comes as a PDF training manual that explains the philosophy and design of the program, and has 2 workout schedules with pre-planned workout templates that you can use (with the included exercise library) to build out your own customized training plan. 

Training schedule options are set for 2 or 3 sessions a week with an additional 2 days of easy cardio (such as walking or jogging).

Built to Last is available as a complete product for $149. The one time purchase of the program gets you lifetime access to the training manual pdf and the video library so you’ll be able to begin training as soon as you like. Download and read the Built to Last pdf, watch through the video library, and start training!