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built to last fitness program


Built to Last is a program design template made to help you build strength, endurance and confidence in your ability to exercise and train.

What is included?

Built to Last is a program design template that includes a downloadable PDF training manual with explanations of movements, protocols, and design principles, as well as access to the finalized video library which includes video explanations and a guided general warm-up.

Goals of Built to Last:

1. Free yourself up to try new things safely in the gym

People are often told what not to do in the gym, but not really what to do or how to learn new things. Built to Last lets you pick out new exercises, you can try them out in a safe way and learn to progress safely, slowly making your training more challenging.

2. Build a base level of strength

In order to get stronger you need to pick up heavy things. Built to Last teaches you how to learn to pick up heavy things, and then how to use those heavy things to prepare your body to pick up even heavier things.

3. Build a base level of endurance

There are a wide variety of factors that influence endurance. Built to Last lays out a few different protocols and a schedule on how to improve and progress a few of those factors in a safe and effective way.