February 8, 2017 admin

Where do you get your Eggs?

Do you know where your eggs come from? Mine come from my “egg guy”–Kirkwood neighbor, Ben, and his small flock of free-range, well-fed and happy chickens! My eggs travel less than 800 yards to my door and are never more than a few days old and I've met the chickens in person! Compare that to the eggs you purchase in the supermarket or Farmer’s Market from chickens you've never seen and there is a huge difference. Some eggs can travel hundreds of miles to your supermarket and can arrive 2-4 weeks after being laid! For example, the eggs I purchase from Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market travel all the way from Pennsylvania and while they are high quality eggs, by the time they get to me they already show signs of aging. The yolks are wrinkled, dull and not well shaped.

Here's a Test:

Can you tell which eggs are from Ben and which are from Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market?  

Which are more nutritious–The eggs from Ben or the eggs from the Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market? Can you tell from just looking at the picture which ones eat a better diet?

Where do you get your eggs and do they look like mine? Take a pic and share your thoughts to the Smugs Fitness Facebook Page.