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What’s in your Gym Bag, Part 2: His Bag

What's in that Bag?

Ever wonder what to pack in your gym bag? A little while ago, Coach Kory gave us some insight for our women on how to pack a gym bag by sharing what she packs. If you missed that article, you can read it HERE

For Part 2 of our series, Coach Sam Mugavero (@sammugavero) is sharing what is always in his gym bag and also provides us with some additional items he likes to have with him, but are not included in the image.

From Coach Sam:

Bag – I am a huge fan of GoRuck and their rucks are the only bag I use. I have one for rucking, one for my work gear and one for use as my gym bag (shown above). I highly recommend their bags as they are durable and plenty spacious. 

Indian Clubs – As many of you know, I love my Indian Clubs! I take mine with me almost everywhere I go just in case I have a few minutes to do some shoulder work. Revolution Clubs are handmade and Made in America. Love them!

Minimalist Trainers – While I don't often have shoes on, I find most public establishments frown on people walking in barefoot. If you're headed to a "traditional gym", you'll need to have some shoes with you; preferably a shoe that works well for lifting and whatever cardio work you do. I have found the Minimus line from New Balance to be great for everything I do in (and out) of the gym. In my bag, is the New Balance Minimus V7 Trainer and it is by far the best version they have put out. 

Heart Rate Monitor – I enjoy working out with a Heart Rate Monitor as it allows me to compare my perceived exertion level with my actual exertion level during a workout. It also allows me to train differently by monitoring my heart rate depending on what my goals are for a particular training session or long term goal. The Scosche Rhythm Heart Rate Monitor is my go to option as it is comfortable, can be worn on the arm, and gives pretty good data (none of the HR monitors out there give perfect data).

Towel – Just in case I need to shower post workout.

Athletic Boxer Briefs – Always gotta have an extra pair. There is nothing worse than getting out of the shower and realizing I forgot to bring a fresh pair to put on before heading to my next appointment. Ugh! While not the cheapest, I love the Lululemon No Boxer Boxer (the long one). Fit is awesome and they keep you dry!

Deodorant – Not so sure this one needs an explanation…but, in case you are new to personal hygiene, I highly recommend having deodorant with you in your bag at all times. Nobody likes a sweaty, smelly human post workout! Big fan of most of the products from Jack Black and the deodorant is no exception. 

Not shown in the image above, but always with me

Extra T-shirt or Two (preferably Smugs Fitness T-shirts)

Extra Pair of Shorts or Pants

Extra Pair of Socks

Smugs Fitness Trucker Hat

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