July 20, 2017 kory_muehlhauser

What’s in Your Gym Bag, Part 1: Her Bag

Most of us have several items that we consider gym necessities.  Things such as a pair of favorite socks, great lip balm, and that perfect pair of leggings can help make workouts more comfortable.  If you ask your friends what they’re taking to the gym for each workout, you’ll probably find that everyone is a little different.  We decided to have both a female and a male trainer at Smugs Fitness lay out the contents of their gym bags.  Let’s start with Coach Kory’s bag.


Of course, there are the basics in Kory’s bag–a comfortable, breathable top and leggings with the appropriate attire to go under both. Let’s be honest, ladies.  A bad sports bra can ruin a workout.  Pick one that fits well and is supportive.  Coach Kory also includes both low-cut socks and tall socks in her bag.  The tall socks are worn to protect the legs when deadlifting, and the low socks are for everything else.  Kory also likes to keep a hat in her bag to throw on after workouts and for sun protection.

Favorites include: 

Lululemon 17” crops

Balega or Bombas low-cut socks

Smugs Fitness Trucker Hat


Most of us will wear a basic training shoe at Smugs, or we’ll just workout with bare feet.  Coach Kory also packs a pair of classic Chuck Taylors for kettlebell training and deadlifting.  Occasionally, she’ll toss a pair of special weightlifting shoes in her bag, but these aren’t usually used in everyday training.

Favorites include:

Nike Metcon training shoe

Converse Chuck Taylors

Gear and Electronics

Coach Kory uses a couple of special belts in her training and also likes to have a pair of wrist guards handy for those high-rep kettlebell workouts.  She also takes advantage of current technology and packs both Bluetooth headphones and a Bluetooth heart rate monitor.  However, she prefers to take notes during her workout in a composition book or on a legal pad, so both are included with a pen.

Favorites include:

Scosche Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

Quest Lever Belt

Nutrition and Hydration

A great water bottle is a gym necessity.  Most trainers carry a double-wall stainless steel bottle to keep their water cold throughout the day, and Coach Kory is no different.  She also likes to carry a scoop of an amino complex and a scoop of whey protein in separate Blender Bottles, ready to mix with water instead of carrying the entire container of each product in her gym bag.  Kory also carries some quick snacks in her bag.  Both LaraBars and Epic Bars can usually be found in one of the side pockets.

Favorites include:

Vital Whey Grassfed Whey

Xwerks Grow grassfed whey

Rehydrate Pro water bottles

Toiletries and Other Stuff

This is where each woman will be a little different.  Many women will carry a little make-up, depending on where they’re headed after the gym.  Many prefer to keep a toothbrush, shampoo, and conditioner in their bag.  Some will even include a hair dryer, straightener, etc.  Coach Kory is usually prepared for a quick shower at the gym and carries a towel, flip flops, shower gel, deodorant, dry shampoo, a comb, and makeup removing wipes.  Two of the most important items in her bag are extra hair ties and a couple of different types of lip balm. 

How are you going to carry all of that?

Once you know what you’ll need for your trip to the gym, you’ll want to think about how you’ll carry it.  Coach Kory prefers a shoulder bag with several large and small compartments.  Some of the most important features that she’s found include an upright water bottle compartment to prevent spills, a place for damp clothes, a large compartment for shoes and gear, and a few small compartments for those precious hair ties and snacks.  Coach Kory is currently carrying a discontinued bag by Athleta.

Most of us don’t realize just how many things are needed to comfortably complete a workout until we’ve forgotten something.  Keeping a few key items in your bag will ensure that you’re ready when it’s time to get sweaty.  As the Boy Scouts say, “Be prepared”.   

What’s the most important item in your gym bag? 

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