July 27, 2016 Sam Mugavero

What’s all the Ruckus about Rucking?!?


Rucking has rapidly become one of the most popular group fitness activities across the nation and around the world. In 2015 Men’s Health called it one of the hottest fitness trends of 2015. (Article Here) It became widely popularized by the growth of GoRuck Challenges (www.goruck.com), which are a group rucking events where participants carry loads on their backs over long distances and participate in different challenges along the way.

So…What is Rucking?

The fine folks at GoRuck define Rucking as follows:


To put weight on your back and go for a walk.

I’ve been a participant in a GoRuck Challenge and had a blast! My mental toughness was tested in addition to the physical demands of carrying a 40-pound bag on back for over 20 miles. My experience with the GoRuck Challenge left a lasting impression on me and I have regularly incorporated rucking into my own fitness regimen. Additionally, I’ve convinced a few friends and clients to join me! I have found it to be one of the safest and most effective modes of physical activity to improve your overall fitness and health AND you get to spend time with your friends, make new friends, and engage in social interaction while you are exercising!

So…Is it difficult to get started?

Rucking can start at anytime in your life and is safe, effective and requires very little equipment.

Equipment needed for Rucking

1.     Ruck (backpack)

2.     Something heavy to put in the Ruck (weights, sand, bricks, ruck plates, or any heavy object you have around the house that can fit in your bag!)

The Benefits/Effects of regular Rucking include

1.     Improved Cardiovascular Capacity and Endurance

2.     Improved Muscular Stamina and Endurance

3.     Improved Overall Strength (it’s resistance training + cardio all in one!)

4.     2-3 times the Caloric Output versus walking the same distance/time

5.     Improved general work capacity and physical preparedness (ie. When the Zombies come, you’ll be stronger, faster, and better able to move than your non-Rucking neighbors)

So what are you Rucking waiting for? Get the Ruck outside, round up some friends, and get Rucking!

***For those in the Atlanta Area, there will be regularly scheduled Rucking leaving from the Smugs Fitness Lab in Kirkwood this fall. In the meantime, check the Smugs Fitness Facebook Page for updates and impromptu Rucking outings. Come on out and join us!***