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Things We Love, Part 2: Coach Sam’s Top 3 Pieces of Equipment

Coach Sam’s (IG: @sammugavero) top three all consist of versatile pieces of equipment that allow him to take my workouts outside and use a variety of movements to create excellent, efficient full body workouts. Read on to see what Coach Sam has to say about his favorite pieces of equipment.

Suspension Trainer

Versatility…need I say more? Suspension training is my go to for full body workouts both in the gym and on the go. The number of exercises is only limited by your creativity while many of them can easily be found on the internet. Pulling, Pushing, Squatting and Hinging movements can be incorporated seamlessly into any workout and most suspension trainers attach quickly to almost anything including a door! Additionally, suspension trainers take up very little space making them excellent for travel, plus you can always take your workout outside with a suspension trainer!

Favorite: TRX Training – Suspension Trainer

Indian Clubs

I was introduced to Indian Clubs a few years ago and picked up my first set about a year ago (I have since purchased another 4 sets of clubs for use in the Smugs Fitness Lab). I’ve used them almost every single day since I purchased them. Why? They are a fantastic tool for helping your shoulders build strength, stability and endurance. They have helped me keep my shoulders strong and healthy even while working through a variety of heavy pushing and pulling movements throughout my weekly training. The other awesome characteristic of Indian Clubs is that they are very easy to transport; I’ve taken mine across the country on planes, travel with them by car regularly, and you can easily throw them in your ruck for a quick workout while you are out walking. Lastly, if you ever find yourself in an AirBnB in a sketchy part of an unfamiliar town and someone tries to break in, they make amazing tools for self-defense (not that I have experience here…)

Favorite: 2-Pound Indian Clubs from Revolution Clubs


Much like Coach Kory, I’m a huge fan of kettlebells and use them daily with my clients and in my personal practice and training. The kettlebell is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment for building strength, improving cardiovascular endurance, and for positively changing your body composition. For me, the 32 kg kettlebell is my current go to bell as it allows me perform StrongFirst’s 6 Foundational Kettlebell Skills over a wide range of reps and sets. Training is fun and impossible to get bored with a kettlebell!

Favorite: Kettlebell Kings Powder Coat Kettlebell

What are your favorite pieces of equipment? 

Comment and let us know!  Are you interested in learning to use a kettlebell for safe and effective at-home workouts?  We’re here to help.  Contact us to set up a session with one of our three StrongFirst certified kettlebell instructors.