January 7, 2018 admin

Things We Love, Part 1: Coach Kory

As coaches, we have access to a lot of fitness equipment, yet we all have our favorite, go-to items.  We asked our coaches to choose three favorite pieces of equipment, the pieces we would pick if trapped on a desert island.  First up—Coach Kory.


Kory's Top 3

If I had to pick only three pieces of equipment to use for training, I’d start with a moderate weight kettlebell.  24kg is my sweet spot.  It’s light enough for single-arm swings, but still heavy enough for goblet squats, lunges, Turkish get-ups, and suitcase carries.  I can safely get it overhead, and it will challenge me to increase both my strict press and snatch weight. 

Favorite: Kettlebell Kings Powder Coat Kettlebell

My second choice would be a medium thickness resistance band.  There are so many options for both mobility and strength work using bands.  I always use a band for mobility during my warm-ups, for pulling exercises, and for adding extra resistance to other weighted movements.

Link:  Serious Steel Resistance Band

My final pick is a weighted ruck.  I am a big fan of outdoor walks for many reasons.  We could all use a little extra time in the sunshine and fresh air both for extra movement and exposure to sunlight.  Outdoor walks are a great way to reset during stressful times and seem to be far underutilized by most people.  When I’m overwhelmed, I grab my ruck, turn up my music, and walk. 

Link: GoRuck Bullet Ruck

What are your favorite pieces of equipment? 

Comment and let us know!  Are you interested in learning to use a kettlebell for safe and effective at-home workouts?  We’re here to help.  Contact us to set up a session with one of our three StrongFirst certified kettlebell instructors.