May 2, 2018 admin

The Swing into Summer Challenge Starts May 5th!

You survived ABril, but there are still 4 more weeks until Memorial Day weekend and the official start of summer…what to do next? Join us for the Swing into Summer Challenge! It's simple and requires only a kettlebell, yet will help you build a stronger and leaner body to get your prepared for all your summer fun!

The Swing into Summer Challenge runs from May 5th – May 25th, 2018…21 Days of Swings!

There are 3 levels of participation:

Swinger:  500 Swings per Week

Super Swinger:  1000 Swings per Week

Super Duper Swinger:  2000 Swings per Week

Choose the level that is appropriate for you and get swinging!

The Rules

Each week you must complete the required number of swings for the level you selected (levels listed below). You can do one handed swings or two handed swings to complete your total and you can break them up in any manner in which you desire during the week, just get them done!

We'll track your progress using the Google Sheet found HERE!

Good luck and just keep swinging, just keep swinging…!