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The AB-Tober Challenge 2016

AB-Tober Challenge 2016

The warm weather is subsiding, pumpkin spice is all the rage and jack-o-lanterns are starting to spring up on doorsteps! For Smugs Fitness enthusiasts, the month of October also means something very special…It’s AB-TOBER CHALLENGE time!


During the month of AB-Tober, there will be a short, core -focused workout to be completed everyday in addition to the Free Daily Workout posted each day. Don’t worry if you miss a day or two. You will have the entire month to get them all completed.

Each Sunday night in October, the AB-Tober Workouts for the whole week (Sunday – Saturday), will be released via the Smugs Fitness Blog. ( We’ll track your progress via a Google Sheet once you are signed up for the challenge.

To sign up, email Coach Sam (sam(at) You can sign up at anytime during the month.  

*NOTE to Woodward Academy Employees:

Please sign up through the Cooleaf website  ( and I will extract your information and get you set up on the Google Sheet. You’ll also receive 50 Cooleaf Points for completing all 31 Ab-Tober workouts!


1. You will build a STRONGER MIDSECTION!

2. You will improve your stability when performing other movements!

3. Everyone who completes all thirty-one (31) AB-Tober workouts will be entered into a random drawing to receive one (1) of two (2) Smugs Fitness Swag Bags filled with Smugs Fitness gear including the newest Smugs Fitness Hoodie, Smugs Fitness Headband or Beanie Hat, and Smugs Fitness Water Bottle, to name a few items.

(Please note: Hoodies, Headbands, and Beanie Hats are also available for purchase via Pre-order during the last week of October)

4. You will become STRONGER!

To get you primed and ready to rock some October Abs, here are the first two AB-Tober Workouts!


40 seconds Plank


Complete as many rounds as possible in 3 minutes:

5 V-ups

10 Mountain Climbers (each leg is 1 rep)

Looking forward to a great month with you all!
Coach Sam (Smugs)