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Smugs Fitness…a hub for StrongFirst Instructors in Atlanta!

Did you know that Smugs Fitness has more StrongFirst certified instructors than any other gym in Georgia?

Our coaching staff maintains a long list of impressive certifications, but one of the first things that you notice upon entering our gym is the StrongFirst banner.  We have four StrongFirst certified instructors on staff.  StrongFirst refers to itself as a “school of strength”.  Founded by Pavel Tsatsouline in 1998, the organization has become the world’s leader in hardstyle kettlebell instruction.  The organization also offers some of the most well-respected certifications in both bodyweight and barbell training.  As the StrongFirst website states, “We teach men and women how to reach high levels of strength. Quickly, safely, and without interfering with their duty, job, or sport.”

As a Smugs Fitness client, you’re probably wondering what that means for you. 

Whether participating in personal training or group training, you will be learn the basics of hardstyle kettlebell movement from some of the most qualified professionals in the fitness community.  Each Smugs Fitness trainer has successfully completed the StrongFirst Girya (SFG) three-day certficiation.  We have been tested on the ability to safely and effectively coach the six basic kettlebell movements.  We have demonstrated proper form and have met the demanding strength requirements.  We have also successfully passed the endurance component, the dreaded kettlebell snatch test. 

As a client, this means that you will be coached by a passionate, qualified instructor, and your training will be guided by many of the StrongFirst principles.  Whether your goal is to pick up hundreds of pounds or to simply feel better as you navigate your daily activities, your Smugs Fitness coach will use the knowledge gained through our StrongFirst education to help you reach your health and fitness goals. 

Also, if you're traveling or even moving, let us know.  We'll locate a StrongFirst instructor to assist with your training while you're away.  We actively communicate with our StrongFirst peers around the world, and we'll ensure that you receive high quality coaching while you're away from your Smugs Fitness coach.

How can you be a part of StrongFirst?

Every Smugs client and coach has two opportunities each year to participate in the StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC), a worldwide StrongFirst competition.  Participants complete three events at Smugs Fitness on the date of the challenge and submit scores to StrongFirst.  The three events are the deadlift, pull-ups or flexed arm hang, and kettlebell snatches.  Because this event is held twice a year, it's a great way for all of us to measure our strength gains.  It's also one of the most fun competitions that we've found.  Imagine a room full of friends cheering for one another.  We have a strong, supportive gym community at Smugs, and it may be most evident during the Tactical Strength Challenge.  The next TSC is October 28th, and our coaches are happy to discuss your options for participating.  You'll get an awesome shirt just for signing up, and you'll get to look forward to an incredible Saturday morning with your Smugs family in the fall.  

Register for the TSC here:  http://www.strongfirst.com/achieve/tactical-strength-challenge-sign-up/

More information about StrongFirst is available here:  http://www.strongfirst.com/get-started/about/

If you’d like more information on training with one of our FOUR StrongFirst certified instructors, please CONTACT US.