May 28, 2014 Sam Mugavero

Running Interval Workouts for New Parents – 05/28/2014

Running Workouts for New Parents        

Finding time to run when you have a young baby can be challenging. My wife (Kmugs) and I both like to incorporate running into our training and participate in a handful of races each year. Since we had our little one (Lilly) back in October 2013, we have discovered it is difficult to train together and make sure Lilly is receiving proper care. Working out together has long been something we have enjoyed, so we needed to come up with a few ideas for how to train together and keep Lilly with us. We rarely opt for long, slow runs, but instead prefer to do interval training to help us prepare for races. After some trial and error, we found some great workouts that we could complete together while Lilly strolls along with us safely secured in her stroller.

Since Kristy and I aren’t the only couple with children who enjoys working out together, I thought I’d share some of our favorites with you.  The best part about these workouts is the equipment needed to perform them…all you need is a watch and a stroller for the baby. I recommend a jogging/fitness stroller as it makes doing workouts on varied terrain like grass/trails much easier (even though the stroller is used only in recovery between intervals). We use the BOB Stroller for Lilly and as you can tell from the picture, she’s pretty comfy in there!

To do these workouts, it is beneficial to have a park or a track where you can perform a loop of known distance so you can get an idea of how much ground you cover. We use Bessie Branham Park in Kirkwood, which is just a few blocks from our house.

Workout #1:    “The Chase”

Total Workout Time: 25-40 minutes including warm up.

Set the clock for your desired (available) time. Typically Kmugs and I set the clock for 25-30 minutes. Partner #1 takes off running while Partner #2 walks with the stroller. Both Partners are moving in the same direction around the park/track and Partner #1 will stop running when she catches up to Partner #2. As soon as Partner #1 arrives, Partner #2 takes off running and Partner #1 recovers while pushing the stroller.  Continue alternating until time expires.

Workout #2:  “The Meet up”

Total Workout Time: 25-40 minutes including warm up.

Set the clock for your desired time. Kmugs and I usually set the clock for around 25 minutes. This workout is similar to “The Chase”, but this time, Partner #1 takes off running and Partner #2 begins walking in the opposite direction around the park/track. Partner #1 will stop running and switch roles with Partner #2 as soon as they meet, hence the name “The Meetup”. Continue alternating until time expires.

Workout #3:  “Back That Thing Up”

Total Workout Time: 20-30 minutes including warm up.

Set the clock for your desired time. This is a shorter workout than the other two, so aim for 20-25 minutes. Partner #1 starts the fun by sprinting forward for 30 seconds while Partner #2 walks casually pushing the stroller in the same direction as Partner #1 is sprinting. When 30 seconds elapses, Partner #1 hits the brakes and backpedals until she arrives at the stroller. Partner #2 sprints 30 seconds, then hits the brakes, puts it in reverse and heads back toward the stroller where Partner #1 is casually walking to recover, yet eagerly awaiting her next turn to sprint. Continue alternating until time expires.


Hopefully, you found these workouts helpful and you and your partner can start incorporating them into your training regimen. If you give them a try, take some pictures and chime in on Facebook with your thoughts. Happy sweating!