January 27, 2018 admin

Opportunty vs. Setback

An injury doesn't have to prevent you from training! Staying positive, finding a professional who will help you, and viewing the injury as a time to work on new skills will help you embrace your recovery period.  Life is full of unexpected events, and the smartest people view these as an opportunity to adjust their sails and move forward.  

Dr. A (pictured Pallof pressing) is recovering from a major sports injury, however, we were able to fit in four strength training sessions last week.  A little bit of creativity and thinking outside of the box have allowed him to increase both strength and stability throughout his recovery period.  Custom training is about adapting to each client’s current situation and overall goals.  No two clients are the same, and good trainers enjoy the challenge of both programming and coaching different types of clients.

If you're interested in learning how you will benefit from custom training, contact us.  We would love to explain our training philosophy and how you will benefit from our personalized approach.