August 14, 2017 kory_muehlhauser

No Equipment Needed

Expanding Our Knowledge and Use of StrongFirst Principles and Learning to Use Only Bodyweight for Strength Training

Several Smugs Fitness coaches attended the StrongFirst Bodyweight one-day course over the weekend with StrongFirst team leader Jody Beasley.  JoAnna, Kory, and Sam expanded their knowledge of StrongFirst principles and learned a great deal about strength training without equipment. The course teaches students to create, maintain, and use tension to complete challenging movements like the one-arm pushup, pistol squat, and tactical pull-up.  All three coaches practiced creating tension and then worked on applying this tension while completing progressions for each movement.

Although our clients’ goals vary, the cues and progressions our coaches practiced Saturday can be applied to almost any training session at Smugs Fitness.  Whether a client is working toward completing their first push-up on the floor or a heavy weighted pull-up, the principle of creating tension will benefit them.  We look forward to sharing our knowledge and helping our clients advance their training by applying these principles.