October 14, 2016 admin

Neon Bandits Socks and Smugs Fitness!

Neon Bandits Socks!

Smugs Fitness and Neon Bandits have teamed up to deliver some seriously stylin’ and high performin’ socks to Atlanta! I’ve been wearing my Neon Bandits socks for over a month and have been thrilled with them! The socks are comfortable, perform amazingly well even in the Atlanta heat (they wick away sweat and keep your feet cool), and look great during a workout or when wearing casually around town!

Check out the pics of me rocking my Neon Bandits Socks during my workouts! 

Neon Bandits is giving all Smugs Fitness members, readers, and followers a special discount when ordering through their website! You can also contact Coach Sam about getting your feet on a pair  of socks to try.

Use the code: “SMUGS” to receive 15% OFF your website order!

Let me know how you like the socks and tag Smugs Fitness and Neon Bandits in your social media pictures and videos!