November 13, 2017 admin

Making Smart Choices at Holiday Parties

It’s holiday party time.  We’ll all be heading to fabulous events at which there will likely be some less than fabulous food and drink options for those of us who are trying to make wise choices.  Check out the simple tips below to make navigating parties a little easier.

Eat before you go. 

It’s a simple concept.  Fill your belly with your normal, nutritious meals before heading to an event, and you’ll be far less tempted to grab something from the first tray that passes.

Make wise beverage choices. 

Let’s be honest, many of us are going to have alcohol at holiday parties, and that’s alright.  You can make wise choices about your beverage options.  Avoiding sugary mixers and creamy holiday beverages will make a big difference.  And, simply drinking a glass of water after each alcoholic drink will slow the rate at which you’re consuming alcohol and prevent dehydration and hangovers.

Find the veggies. 

Crudités can be a lifesaver at a party.  Fill up on the fresh veggies, and take it easy on the dip.

Find the protein.

Protein will take care of hunger and make the baked brie a little less appealing.  Shrimp or other chilled seafood are wonderful options.  Also, look for a carving station, chicken (not fried!), or even charcuterie.

Do your best and move on. 

If you’re currently tracking your food intake, continue tracking and don’t stress if you go a little above your target.  If you end up making decisions that don’t align with your nutrition goals, wake up and have a nutritious breakfast and some extra water the next morning.  It’s alright.

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Happy Holidays!