February 2, 2018 admin

February “Move Better” Challenge! Week 1: 02/04 – 02/11/18

Move better, feel better!

The month of February is going to be focused on moving better and feeling better! With the start of the new year, many people have set aside time to exercise, but how many of you regularly practice movements to help with your mobility, flexibility. and stress? We're here to help you with that this month. For the next 4 weeks (on Sunday evening), we're going to be releasing a video detailing a new "Move Better" challenge. Do the challenge during the week that follows and record how you feel and don't forget to record how you feel throughout the month. By implementing simple, yet intentional movements into your day, you'll notice your body responding in a positive way. Your range of motion may improve, your stress level may decrease, and you might feel more energized.

Week 1 – "Move Better" Challenge

Spend 3 minutes performing Heads Nods on 3 different days between 02/04 and 02/11/18.

Not sure what a head nod is? Check out Coach Sam's video demontration and of course, feel free to contact us if you have questions or need additional resources.