March 6, 2018 admin

Defining Success in the Gym

Most people associate fitness and wellness with weight loss, and many of our new clients come in defining success in the gym as a decrease in the number on the scale.  But, at Smugs Fitness, we define success quite differently and take a big picture approach to fitness and wellness.  We define success in many different ways.  We constantly assess whether our clients are moving better, have more energy, are stronger both inside AND outside the gym, are sleeping well, have the tools necessary to make informed nutritional decisions, and are able to effectively manage the many stressors of daily life.  We discuss the importance of mobility and stability in addition to overall strength.  We empower clients through strength training and help improve our clients’ overall confidence. 

Our clients receive more than a weight loss plan and a sweaty workout.  Each client receives a customized program for their individual needs, and no two custom training clients complete the same workout.  We offer a truly personalized experience, something few gyms can say. 

And, we can confidently state that we’re able to change the way our clients define success in the gym.  It’s no longer defined as a specific number of pounds lost.  It’s defined as an overall improvement in daily life. 

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