February 1, 2018 admin

A Perfect Travel Companion

Going on a roadtrip?  Be sure to pack a kettlebell!

A kettlebell is an amazing and versatile tool for building strength, stability, and endurance. It’s easy to create an entire workout, from warm-up to cool down, using only one kettlebell, making it the ideal piece of fitness equipment for road trips.  Throw your favorite bell in your trunk, and you’ll be able to knock out a few swings at a rest stop or even a gas station.  And, once you’ve arrived at your destination, you’ll have everything you need to complete a full-body strength training session or even just a quick 10-20 minute conditioning session. 

But first, you need to learn how to use that bell!

Most of our Smugs Fitness clients learn to deadlift and then swing a kettlebell within their first few sessions.  Our coaches begin adding additional kettlebell movements as clients progress.  Over the course of a few weeks, most of our clients will be able to successfully perform 5-15 movements with a kettlebell.  Our coaches include a variety of movement patterns in their instruction, giving clients the knowledge needed to create entire workouts on their own.  This means that a single kettlebell will provide everything a client needs to get an amazing workout while traveling.

Know what you need before you buy!

Before you invest in a kettlebell, you’ll want to carefully consider which weight will allow you to safely complete several movements.   We recommend that clients go a little lighter with their first kettlebell purchase with this in mind.  Many people may be able to do a standard swing with a heavier bell, however, they probably won’t be able to press that heavy kettlebell.  As clients progress in their kettlebell training, many will continue using their lighter bell at home for more advanced movements like single-arm swings and snatches.  A lighter bell is also a great tool for working on shoulder stability through arm bars and bottoms-up carries.  And, almost every SMUGS clients knows that perfecting a Turkish get-up with a lighter bell is necessary and should be practiced often. 

If you’re already a SMUGS client, your coach will be thrilled to hear that you’re interested in buying your first kettlebell and will help guide you to the most appropriate weight and style of bell for your needs and budget.  If you’re not yet a SMUGS client and are interested in learning more about kettlebell training with one of our awesome trainers, contact us.