April 30, 2014 Sam Mugavero


Smugs Fitness 15-Day Swing into Summer Challenge

Summer is right around the corner and there’s no better time to prime our bodies for all the sun and fun. Kettlebells travel well and are extremely versatile tool for building a stronger, healthier body. We’re going to use just one movement for this challenge, The Russian Kettlebell Swing.

The challenge is simple and there are three different levels you can choose from for participation depending on your fitness level, time availability, and fitness goals.

Level 1:  50 Russian Kettlebell Swings per day – 750 Swings in 15 days!

Level 2:  100 Russian Kettlebell Swings per day – 1500 Swings in 15 days!

Level 3:  200 Russian Kettlebell Swings per day – 3000 Swings in 15 days!



Over the next 15 days (May 5 – May 19), complete the required number of Russian Kettlebell Swings for the level you have selected. Choose a kettlebell weight that will challenge you, make you work hard, and help you get stronger. There are no awards for completing this challenge, but the rewards your body will reap include increased grip strength, a tighter, more toned midsection, and a stronger posterior chain. Hesitant to join us? Just think about how strong your bottom will look in that swimsuit this summer!


To keep the challenge open to all and maintain accountability for everyone that participates, tweet us when you complete your swings each day (@Smugsfitness) and include the weight of your kettlebell, the number of swings completed and use #SFswingintosummer so we can track everyone’s results. Feel free to tweet pictures of you swinging the bell too!

Not on Twitter? No problem, chime in on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/smugsfitness and post your daily totals there. 

Spread the word and get your friends and family involved! We could all use a little extra swinging as we head into summer! Good luck!