October 24, 2013 Sam Mugavero

10/25/2013 – Bill’s Birthday

"What happened to my birthday?"

This past Wednesday, Bill C. (member of the Barrett Park All Stars) celebrated his birthday (I'll withhold the actual number, but let's just say that in his lifetime, he's been around to witness Hank Aaron hit majority of his 755 homeruns!).  It was a different kind of birthday for Bill this year…No cake, no pizza, no beer…maybe his family forgot?

Not a chance!

Take a look at the pics below and you'll see that this is Bill's first Paleo style birthday! Tasty meal, awesome dessert, and lusterous, new a pair of dumbbells for a present! Nice work to his wife, Diane, for putting together his eats and picking out the gift, (to quote Cousin Eddie)…"that keeps on giving the whole year!" 

Congrats, Bill and I hope this is the first of many more to come!



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  1. simplycharmed@bellsouth.net

    Bill’s Birthday

    The berry tart was a bit of a fail.  Next time I plan to add some unflavored gelatin to the berries so that they gel a bit.  The crust looked great before berries were added.  We are having lots of fun experimenting with recipes.