February 20, 2013 Sam Mugavero

02/20/2013: Restaurant Spotlight on Pit Boss BBQ (Hapeville, GA)


This week’s spotlight is on Pit Boss BBQ located on Virginia Avenue in Hapeville (near Hartsfield-Jackson), Decatur, and Marietta.  If you’re looking for a Paleo/Primal friendly meal, I highly recommend checking out Pit Boss BBQ.

Four friends (all of whom are very passionate about their Paleo lifestyle) and I sampled a few selections from the menu and collectively gave Pit Boss BBQ, ten thumbs up!  We ordered 3.5 pounds of Chopped Pork Barbeque, 30 Smoked Wings, a large order of Collards, a large order of Cole Slaw, and two bags of Pork Rinds (one HOT and one PIT BOSS flavored). We sat down to eat and slammed the delicious, smoky and spicy wings in less than 5 minutes and then worked our way into 3.5 pounds of chopped BBQ, Cole Slaw, Collards, and Pork Rinds. Over the span of the next 15 minutes we managed to demolish the pork and slaw, while making a huge dent in the two bags of Pork Rinds. The Collards, although tasty and cooked with bacon, were forgotten for a few moments amidst the piles of carnivorous awesome, but were quickly finished when we all went back for seconds. The Chopped Pork was succulent and smoky and paired perfectly with some hot sauce and slaw. In addition to the great food, the service was great – friendly, funny, and happy to help!  

I’ll be back to Pit Boss BBQ for Round 2 soon…who’s coming with me?

Check out their MENU and stop in soon for a tasty, carnivorous feast!