February 1, 2014 admin

02/01/2014 – “Flexuary” Challenge

February = “Flexuary”

As we welcome in the month of February with a break from the winter weather (in the southeast) followed by a day filled with food, football and commercials, I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the “Flexuary Challenge.” Beneath the “Daily Workout” each day, you will see a suggested flexibility/mobility task along with some ideas (videos, images, etc.) for how to improve your mobility in the suggested area. In addition to completing the suggested flexibility work for the day, I also recommend spending an extended amount of time once per week working on your flexibility and mobility by practicing yoga, getting a massage, or visiting your preferred mobility voodoo doctor (chiropractor, ART specialist, Graston specialist, etc.).

Here are three “tools” that will help you on your flexibility quest this month. Don’t worry…if you don’t have them, they are not essential, but highly recommended!

Foam Roller:  An essential tool for working on your soft tissue. Foam rolling improves muscle recovery and increases your flexibility!

Lacrosse Ball:  You can find these anywhere! Never leave home without one!

Stretching Straps:  If you have stretching straps, they are great for helping add resistance to your stretch. If you’re in a pinch, a towel or t-shirt can also work great!

I hope you enjoy this month's challenge and hope you experience all the benefits of getting “Flexier” this month! Who knows? Maybe by the end of the month, you’ll be flexible enough to star in the next Volvo Commercial! Van Damme who?