January 27, 2014 admin

01/28/2014- Goals Update #1!

If you read my blog post on goals from a few weeks back you know I set 3 fitness/health goals for myself for 2014 (if you missed it, here’s it is!).

Here’s a quick update on how things are progressing.

GOAL #1:  Run 100 Days.

7 runs completed, which includes the first race in the 2014 Greenville Dirt Seriesthis past weekend. 28 days in, 7 runs completed means I need to pick up the pace a little to reach my goal.

GOAL #2:  Win my age group in the 2014 Greenville Dirt Series.

I came in first place overall in Saturday’s 8K trail race with a time of 33:42. The next race is April 19 2014, so I am currently leading my age group and overall. It’s early in the series, so I am continuing to set my sights on my age group.

GOAL #3:  Go 90 days without any alcoholic beverages.

I am 22 days into my goal and feeling great! Here are a few observations:

1.     I am drinking much more hot tea at night to help calm the body before bed.

2.     My recovery and performance seem to be improving, but it’s hard to tell for sure. I’ll need a little more time and few more tough workouts to accurately rate my recovery. In general, I feel awesome and have been sleeping better…when Lilly lets us!

3.     Going out to a bar or out to dinner without ordering a beverage is strange. Servers seem surprised when someone at the table doesn’t order a drink when everyone else at the table orders one. I also perceive that many servers I have encountered do not give you the same level of service as they do when folks order drinks. Perhaps this is because the bill will be lower and thus affect the amount tipped? Is there any truth to this or merely perception? Any servers out there care to chime in and lend some insight?

4.     No drinking at dinner = Money saved! 

How are you goals going? Sticking to them? Making progress? Chime in on Facebook or post your comments..