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Smugs Fitness believes in the power of well-being to change mindsets, alter physical chemistry and perceptions, and ultimately improve our lives. We are inspired and motivated to share this outlook — to teach, train and encourage so our clients can recognize and release their own capabilities.
Smugs Fitness has an established reputation in the fitness and corporate wellness industry. We provide individuals and businesses with the tools, knowledge and training they need to live independent, long and healthy lives. No two clients are alike. Our goal is to honor differences and deliver the most effective customized plans for individuals and businesses seeking to improve health. To achieve this, we implement lifestyle changes that include fitness programming, nutritional guidance, stress management and reduction, and sleep improvement techniques to educate each participant on the positive impact of every aspect of their lives to their overall health. While many in the industry focus their energy on fitness, we provide the customer with lifestyle adjustments and complete programs with the express goal of improving their health overall. Move better, eat well, stress less and sleep more!

Meet smugs
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Sam Mugavero, Ph. D.


Kory Nichols

Kory Nichols

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Nick Barbas

Nick Barbas, CSCS


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