02/13/2018: Kettlebell Workout!

Aly doing some roping!

If you haven't already checked it out, Week #2 of our February "Move Better" Challenge is underway. CLICK HERE TO SEE WEEK #2.

Workout #44 of 365(2018)                        


Warmup:   Run or Jump Rope for 2-3 minutes. Dynamic Stretching     followed by 10 Pushups, 10 Squats, and 10 one-footed Lateral Jumps (each foot).

EQUIPMENT NEEDED:  Kettlebell/Jump Rope

Every 90 seconds for 18 minutes, complete the following alternating between A and B. Rest if any time remains in each 90 second interval.

A: 20 Kettlebell Swings, Sprint 100 Yards

B: 8 Goblet Squats, 8 Pushups, 50 Jump Rope Skips

Record your weight used.


Workout Date: 
Tuesday, February 13, 2018