Smugs Fitness...a hub for StrongFirst Instructors in Atlanta!

Did you know that Smugs Fitness has more StrongFirst certified instructors than any other gym in Georgia?

Our coaching staff maintains a long list of impressive certifications, but one of the first things that you notice upon entering our gym is the StrongFirst banner.  We have four StrongFirst certified instructors on staff.  StrongFirst refers to itself as a “school of strength”.  Founded by Pavel Tsatsouline in 1998, the organization has become the world’s leader in hardstyle kettlebell instruction.  The organization also offers some of the most well-respected certifications in both bodyweight and barbell training.  As the StrongFirst website states, “We teach men and women how to reach high levels of strength. Quickly, safely, and without interfering with their duty, job, or sport.”

As a Smugs Fitness client, you’re probably wondering what that means for you. 

Whether participating in personal training or group training, you will be learn the basics of hardstyle kettlebell movement from some of the most qualified professionals in the fitness community.  Each Smugs Fitness trainer has successfully completed the StrongFirst Girya (SFG) three-day certficiation.  We have been tested on the ability to safely and effectively coach the six basic kettlebell movements.  We have demonstrated proper form and have met the demanding strength requirements.  We have also successfully passed the endurance component, the dreaded kettlebell snatch test. 

As a client, this means that you will be coached by a passionate, qualified instructor, and your training will be guided by many of the StrongFirst principles.  Whether your goal is to pick up hundreds of pounds or to simply feel better as you navigate your daily activities, your Smugs Fitness coach will use the knowledge gained through our StrongFirst education to help you reach your health and fitness goals. 

Also, if you're traveling or even moving, let us know.  We'll locate a StrongFirst instructor to assist with your training while you're away.  We actively communicate with our StrongFirst peers around the world, and we'll ensure that you receive high quality coaching while you're away from your Smugs Fitness coach.

How can you be a part of StrongFirst?

Every Smugs client and coach has two opportunities each year to participate in the StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC), a worldwide StrongFirst competition.  Participants complete three events at Smugs Fitness on the date of the challenge and submit scores to StrongFirst.  The three events are the deadlift, pull-ups or flexed arm hang, and kettlebell snatches.  Because this event is held twice a year, it's a great way for all of us to measure our strength gains.  It's also one of the most fun competitions that we've found.  Imagine a room full of friends cheering for one another.  We have a strong, supportive gym community at Smugs, and it may be most evident during the Tactical Strength Challenge.  The next TSC is October 28th, and our coaches are happy to discuss your options for participating.  You'll get an awesome shirt just for signing up, and you'll get to look forward to an incredible Saturday morning with your Smugs family in the fall.  

Register for the TSC here:

More information about StrongFirst is available here:

If you’d like more information on training with one of our FOUR StrongFirst certified instructors, please CONTACT US.

Original Strength Workshop Coming to Atlanta November 4th!

Exciting news! Iron Root Studios and Smugs Fitness have teamed up to bring the Original Strength Pressing RESET Workshop to Atlanta. The workshop will be held on November 4, 2017 at Iron Root Studio from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Internationally recognized Original Strength will introduce their cutting edge movement restoration techniques, called Pressing RESET. Featured by The Washington Post, The Huffington Post and CNN, these techniques are based on the idea of Pressing RESET. You can press reset on your body by tapping into your nervous system to restore mobility and youthful potential. Positive, even amazing results have been reported where OS RESETS were implemented and performed regularly. The resets are suitable for everyone and require little time or space to perform and zero equipment.

Many in the Smugs Fitness Community have already been introduced to the OS RESETS during our training sessions and/or corporate wellness programs. Smugs Fitness coaches are practioners of the OS methodology and highly recommend attending this workshop! After all, the better we move, the better we feel, and the better we live!

Here is the link to register: REGISTER FOR OS ATLANTA

Sign up before July 24th and the cost is only $219! After July 24th, the cost is $294.

You can learn more about Original Strength by visiting their website ( and/or checking out some of the videos below:

The Invigorating 3 Minute Reset

The Best RESET for a Sitting Lifestyle

Hope to see you there!



New Class at Smugs Fitness!

Kettlebell Class!

Smugs Fitness is excited to announce a new class offering to our schedule! Coach JoAnna Rogers (SFG) will be bringing her knowledge, energy, and metal to the gym every Saturday morning with our Kettlebell Class! The class will employ the use of kettlebells and focus on the fundamental Kettlebell movements (Swing, Squat, Press, Getup, Clean, Snatch). Individuals of all levels are welcome to attend!

The drop in rate is $20/class and the class is limited to 10 participants. 


Final Week (Week 4) AB-ril Challenge Workouts 04/23 - 04/30/2017

WEEK #4: April 23rd – April 30th

#23: 2 Rounds:

40 seconds Hollow Rocks

40 seconds REST

#24: 30 Kettlebell Situps (or use any weight you have)

#25: 2 Rounds:

12 T-Plank Rotations (6 per side)

16 X-Situps  (8 per side)

#26: 2 minutes to perform as many Situps as possible

#27: 3 Rounds:

40 seconds Windshield Wipers (Floor)


#28:One Round

10 Bird Dogs  (per side)

20 Hollow Rocks

30 Glute Bridges

#29: 4 minute Tabata (20 seconds WORK, 10 seconds REST)


#30: One Round:

1 minute Hollow Body Hold

Rest 30 seconds

30 seconds Plank

Rest 15 seconds

1 minute Spiderman Plank

Week 3 AB-ril Challenge Workouts 04/16 - 04/22/2017

WEEK #3: April 16thApril 22nd

#16: 3 Rounds:

8 Leg Drops

16 Bird Dogs (8 per/side – hold 2 seconds each)

#17: 3 Rounds:

25 Suitcase Crunches

1 minute REST

#18: 1 minute

Hollow Body Hold

#19: Perform 50 V-ups as quickly as possible. Do every rep with excellent form.

#20:  3 Rounds:

25 Situps as fast as possible, rest as needed between rounds

#21: 3 rounds:

30 seconds Mountain Hoppers

30 seconds Plank

30 seconds rest

#22: 3 rounds:

12 Scissors (per leg)

6 Pushup-to-Plank

Week 2 AB-ril Challenge Workouts 04/09 - 04/15/2017

WEEK #2: April 9th – April 15th

#9: 2 rounds:

30 seconds Pushup-to-Plank

30 seconds Supine Bicycle

30 seconds Situps

30 seconds REST

#10: 2 Rounds:

Rest as needed between

60 seconds Plank

#11: Complete 3 rounds:

10 Bird Dogs   (per side)

10 Dead Bugs  (per side)

#12: Complete the following

30 V-ups

20 Mountain Hoppers  (each leg)

10 Side Plank with Leg Lift (5/side)

#13: 2 Rounds:

25 Situps

10 Plank Jacks

#14: 2 Rounds:

40 seconds Side Plank (left)

20 seconds REST

40 seconds Side Plank (right)

40 seconds REST

#15:  3 Rounds:

15 Spiderman Plank (per leg)

15 Glute Bridges

Week 1 AB-ril Challenge Workouts! 04/01 - 04/08/2017

Here is the first week of AB-ril Challenge Workouts for 2017!


#1: 3 Rounds:

40 seconds X-Situps

20 seconds REST

#23 Rounds

30 seconds T-Plank Rotations

30 seconds REST

#3: 4 Rounds

20 seconds StrongFirst Plank

10 seconds REST

#4:  2 Rounds

30 seconds Side Plank (left)

15 seconds REST

30 seconds Side Plank (right)

15 seconds REST

#5:  Complete as quickly as possible

35 V-ups

#6: Complete as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes

Sprint 50 yards

8 Russian Twists (per side, use 1 weighted object)

#7:  Complete 3 rounds of the following

30 Scissors (per leg)

#8: 4 minute Tabata (20 seconds WORK, 10 seconds REST)

Plank with Shoulder Taps

The Annual AB-ril Challenge Begins on Saturday!

Looking to tighten up that midsection (FEEL better), build a stronger trunk (MOVE better), and put your body in prime position for that summer swimsuit (LOOK better)? 

If so, the AB-ril Challenge is for you! The AB-ril Challenge has been an event of legendary proportions for Smugs Fitness members and followers all over the globe! 


Beginning April 1st and continuing through April 30th, the AB-ril Challenge workouts for each week will be posted to the Smugs Fitness Blog on Sunday night by 8:00 PM (

The first week of workouts will be released on the blog at 8:00 PM on Friday, March 31st, so you can hit the ground running on April 1st! You are encouraged to complete one workout each day, but fear not if you miss a day, you can always do it at a later time during the Challenge as long as it is done prior to 11:59 PM on April 30th.

Sign up for the AB-ril Challenge here and use the Google Sheet to track your results.

Snap pictures and take videos of you doing the AB-ril Challenge Workouts. Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @smugsfitness using the tag #abrilchallenge!

Conditioning Class Starts Tomorrow at 7:00AM!

Smugs Fitness Conditioning Class

The first Conditinoning Class starts tomorrow at 7:00 AM Smugs Fitness in Kirkwood! We'll provide you with a safe and efficient conditioning program which will include some high intensity interval training (HIIT), strength training, and cardiovascular endurance training that will leave you feeling strong, accomplished and excited to start your day! Come out and see how we do fitness at Smugs Fitness in the Historic Kirkwood Neighborhood! The class costs $20 and is limited to 10 participants, so don't hesitate to sign up!

The link to sign up is below:


Smugs Fitness is located at

1971B College Avenue

Atlanta, GA 30317

(Parking is available in the parking lot behind the building)

See you there!

Where do you get your Eggs?

Do you know where your eggs come from? Mine come from my “egg guy”--Kirkwood neighbor, Ben, and his small flock of free-range, well-fed and happy chickens! My eggs travel less than 800 yards to my door and are never more than a few days old and I've met the chickens in person! Compare that to the eggs you purchase in the supermarket or Farmer’s Market from chickens you've never seen and there is a huge difference. Some eggs can travel hundreds of miles to your supermarket and can arrive 2-4 weeks after being laid! For example, the eggs I purchase from Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market travel all the way from Pennsylvania and while they are high quality eggs, by the time they get to me they already show signs of aging. The yolks are wrinkled, dull and not well shaped.

Here's a Test:

Can you tell which eggs are from Ben and which are from Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market?  

Which are more nutritious--The eggs from Ben or the eggs from the Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market? Can you tell from just looking at the picture which ones eat a better diet?

Where do you get your eggs and do they look like mine? Take a pic and share your thoughts to the Smugs Fitness Facebook Page.