ABril Challenge Week #4!

WEEK #4: April 23rd – April 30th

#23: 2 Rounds:

40 seconds Sit Throughs

40 seconds REST

#24: 3 minutes of Dead Bugs

#25: 2 Rounds:

12 T-Plank Rotations (6 per side)

16 X-Situps  (8 per side)

#26: 2 minutes to perform as many Situpsas possible

#27: 3 Rounds:

40 seconds Windshield Wipers (Floor)


#28: One Round:

10 Bird Dogs  (per side)

20 Hollow Rocks

30 Glute Bridges

#29: 4 minute Tabata (20 seconds WORK, 10 seconds REST)


#30: One Round:

1 minute Hollow Body Hold

Rest 30 seconds

1 minute Spiderman Plank

ABril Challenge Week #3!

WEEK #3: April 16th – April 22nd

#16: 3 Rounds:

10 Leg Drops

20 Bird Dogs (10 per/side – hold 1 second each)

#17:  3 Rounds:

20 Suitcase Crunches


#18: 1 minute:

Hollow Body Hold

#19: Perform 50 V-ups as quickly as possible. Do every rep with excellent form.

#20:  3 Rounds:

80 Mountain Hoppers as fast as possible

#21: 3 rounds:

30 seconds Situps

30 seconds Plank

30 seconds rest

#22: 3 rounds:

20 Scissors (per leg)

10 Pushup-to-Plank

ABril Challenge Week #2!

WEEK #2: April 9th – April 15th

#9: 3 rounds

30 seconds Pushup-to-Plank

30 seconds Supine Bicycle

#10: 2 Rounds:

60 seconds Situps

30 seconds Rest

#11: Complete the following

100’ Traveling Plank

#12: Complete the following

30 V-ups

20 Mountain Hoppers  (each leg)

10 Side Plank with Leg Lift (5/side)

#13: 2 Rounds:

25 Situps

10 Plank Jacks

#14: 2 Rounds:

40 seconds Side Plank (left)

20 seconds REST

40 seconds Side Plank (right)

40 seconds REST

#15: 3 Rounds:

15 Spiderman Plank (per leg)

15 Glute Bridges

What's in your Gym Bag, Part 2: His Bag

What's in that Bag?

Ever wonder what to pack in your gym bag? A little while ago, Coach Kory gave us some insight for our women on how to pack a gym bag by sharing what she packs. If you missed that article, you can read it HERE

For Part 2 of our series, Coach Sam Mugavero (@sammugavero) is sharing what is always in his gym bag and also provides us with some additional items he likes to have with him, but are not included in the image.

From Coach Sam:

Bag - I am a huge fan of GoRuck and their rucks are the only bag I use. I have one for rucking, one for my work gear and one for use as my gym bag (shown above). I highly recommend their bags as they are durable and plenty spacious. 

Indian Clubs - As many of you know, I love my Indian Clubs! I take mine with me almost everywhere I go just in case I have a few minutes to do some shoulder work. Revolution Clubs are handmade and Made in America. Love them!

Minimalist Trainers - While I don't often have shoes on, I find most public establishments frown on people walking in barefoot. If you're headed to a "traditional gym", you'll need to have some shoes with you; preferably a shoe that works well for lifting and whatever cardio work you do. I have found the Minimus line from New Balance to be great for everything I do in (and out) of the gym. In my bag, is the New Balance Minimus V7 Trainer and it is by far the best version they have put out. 

Heart Rate Monitor - I enjoy working out with a Heart Rate Monitor as it allows me to compare my perceived exertion level with my actual exertion level during a workout. It also allows me to train differently by monitoring my heart rate depending on what my goals are for a particular training session or long term goal. The Scosche Rhythm Heart Rate Monitor is my go to option as it is comfortable, can be worn on the arm, and gives pretty good data (none of the HR monitors out there give perfect data).

Towel - Just in case I need to shower post workout.

Athletic Boxer Briefs - Always gotta have an extra pair. There is nothing worse than getting out of the shower and realizing I forgot to bring a fresh pair to put on before heading to my next appointment. Ugh! While not the cheapest, I love the Lululemon No Boxer Boxer (the long one). Fit is awesome and they keep you dry!

Deodorant - Not so sure this one needs an explanation...but, in case you are new to personal hygiene, I highly recommend having deodorant with you in your bag at all times. Nobody likes a sweaty, smelly human post workout! Big fan of most of the products from Jack Black and the deodorant is no exception. 

Not shown in the image above, but always with me

Extra T-shirt or Two (preferably Smugs Fitness T-shirts)

Extra Pair of Shorts or Pants

Extra Pair of Socks

Smugs Fitness Trucker Hat

Thanks for reading!

***Please note, the links above are Amazon links. If you like some of the gear listed in this article, the links are there for you. A small perecentage of anything purchased from those links goes to Smugs Fitness. We use theses funds to assist with keeping our website up and running. We appreicate you and want to keep bringing you as much content as we can! Thank you for reading!***

Get Outside and Explore!

Trails and Nature Areas We Love

It’s officially spring, and it’s time to get outside.  April in Atlanta is simply stunning.  Whether you’re spending time in your azalea-filled yard or on the dogwood-lined golf course, the scenery is gorgeous.  If you’re looking for new areas to explore in nature before the temps go up, check out our list below, and get outside!


If you’re on the north side of town, head to Coach Kory’s favorite spot—the Chattahoochee River.  There are many trailheads and activities up and down the river, and it’s one of the city’s most beautiful features.  Go for a peaceful walk with a good friend, crank up the tunes and jog, or get out that old bike and ride.  You can’t go wrong with the river trails, and you’ll likely see a few of the river area’s animal inhabitants. 

More info may be found here:


If seeing a waterfall is on your spring bucket list, check out Amicalola Falls.  About 1.5 hours north of Smugs Fitness, is Amicalola Falls State Park in the Chattahoochee National Forest, which features Georgia's tallest waterfall.  The most well-known trail will take you straight up the sides of the waterfall and will reward you with spectacular views of the Appalachian Mountains at the top. The area surrounding the falls features additional trails and activities.  

More info may be found here:


South (ish)

If you’re on the southeast side of the city, check out the trails at Arabia Mountain and Panola Mountain.  Several Smugs clients frequent this area that features two of Atlanta’s three rock/stone mountains. It offers extensive walking, hiking, and biking trails.   

More info can be found here:


On the southwest side of town, be sure to check out Cochran Mill Park.  This park features the ruins of three mills, waterfalls, and stone outcrops, in addition to beautiful local plant life.  A highlight is the 2.5 mile interpretive trail.

More info may be found here:



Stone Mountain Park is the other rock/stone mountain in the Atlanta area, and it’s a well-known spot for a walk or hike.  The views from the top are amazing, and it’s a must-do for all Atlanta residents and visitors. The most well-known trail goes straight up the mountain and is a bit steep, but it’s worth the climb.  And, you might see Coach Sam and Robert on your way up!

More info may be found here:



One of the most well-known and accessible trails on the west side of the city is the Silver Comet Trail.  It follows an old rail line and is paved and generally flat.  It’s excellent for walking, jogging, and biking and is wheelchair and stroller friendly.  The trail goes all the way from Smyrna to the Alabama line where it connects to the Chief Ladiga trail. 

More info may be found here:


If you're willing to drive just a little bit farther west, check out Sweetwater Creek State Park.  The park features a large reservoir and trails that follow Sweetwater Creek to the ruins of the New Manchester Manufacturing Company, which was burned during the civil war.  The trails also provide wonderful views of the rapids below.  This is another must-see spot for nature lovers in the Atlanta area.

More info may be found here:



If you prefer to stay in town and hit the trails, check out the Beltline. The Beltline is a work in progress and will be completed in several phases over the upcoming years.  It also follows an old rail line and and incorporates existing trails to connect some of Atlanta's parks and areas of interest.  The Beltline is a huge hit, and the paths and trails are full of locals when the weather is nice.  

More info is available here:


What are your favorite trails or paths in and around Metro Atlanta?  Post a comment, and let us know!  Or, contact us to discuss being active and incorporating fitness into your life.  

ABril Challenge Week #1!

WEEK #1:  April 1st – April 8th

#1:  2 Rounds:

30 seconds Suitcase Crunches

15 seconds REST

10 seconds StrongFirst Plank

20 seconds REST

#23 Rounds

30 seconds Leg Drops

30 seconds REST

#3: 6 Rounds

20 seconds Side Plank with Hip Dip  (alternate sides each round)

10 seconds REST

#4:  3 Rounds:

30 Scissors (per leg)

30 seconds REST

#5:  35 V-ups

#6: 4 Rounds:

10/10 Dead Bugs

10/10 Bird Dogs       

#7: 10 Rounds:

10 seconds StrongFirst Plank, 10 seconds REST

#8: 4-minute Tabata (20 seconds WORK, 10 seconds REST)

Sit Throughs

ABril Challenge 2018 begins April 1st!


It's that time! The annual ABril Challenge is upon us and begins Sunday, April 1st! Every April we come together to work on strengthening our trunks, adding stability to our midsection and tightening up those tummies in preparation for the funa nd sun of summer! Hope you'll join us in one of the most popular Smugs Fitness events of the year!


Every Saturday night by 8:00 PM, the ABril Challenge workouts for the upcoming week will be posted to the Smugs Fitness Blog. (www.smugsfitness.com/blog) Perform each of the workouts daily or get them all done prior to 11:59 PM on April 30th to complete this challenge. 

How do I track my workouts?

CLICK HERE FOR GOOGLE SPREADSHEET to track your completed workouts. 

When will the first week of workouts be released?

March 31, 2018 at 8:00 PM

Who is eligible?

If you are reading this blog post, you are eligible! Sign up and join us for a month of core-tastic fun!

What if I have additional questions?

1. Check out our Facebook Page each day for a video demonstration of each workout and/or leave us a comment/message.


Have fun and stay strong!


Find Time and Space for Your Mind

Life is busy. Life is hectic. Your brain can get overwhelmed because it constantly must be in "go mode". Regardless of where you are in life, it is often difficult to find ("make")  time to decompress, breathe, and reflect.

You must treat your mind and  body to a time of reflection and quiet to help turn off "go mode" and allow your being to reset.

Find a space where you can drift away for a few seconds or minutes to help your body and mind relax. For Coach Sam (@sammugavero), he finds peace and quiet while perched above the hustle and turmoil of the morning rush. His favorite place to decompress is located in Hapeville, GA on the walking bridge above the railroad tracks. You can see for miles there. Planes above are taking off from and landing at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, trains and cars are passing below, and families are starting their day with a walk to school. While it's not a "quiet" place, perched above the hustle is peaceful and beautiful. 

Find your place. Reset your body and mind. 

Defining Success in the Gym

Most people associate fitness and wellness with weight loss, and many of our new clients come in defining success in the gym as a decrease in the number on the scale.  But, at Smugs Fitness, we define success quite differently and take a big picture approach to fitness and wellness.  We define success in many different ways.  We constantly assess whether our clients are moving better, have more energy, are stronger both inside AND outside the gym, are sleeping well, have the tools necessary to make informed nutritional decisions, and are able to effectively manage the many stressors of daily life.  We discuss the importance of mobility and stability in addition to overall strength.  We empower clients through strength training and help improve our clients’ overall confidence. 

Our clients receive more than a weight loss plan and a sweaty workout.  Each client receives a customized program for their individual needs, and no two custom training clients complete the same workout.  We offer a truly personalized experience, something few gyms can say. 

And, we can confidently state that we’re able to change the way our clients define success in the gym.  It’s no longer defined as a specific number of pounds lost.  It’s defined as an overall improvement in daily life. 

If you're interested in learning more about our approach, CONTACT US.

February "Move Better" Challenge! Week 4: 02/26 - 03/04/18

It's the final week of our February "Move Better" Challenge! We hope you have enjoyed moving this month and learning about how movement makes your body feel. This final week, we're bringing in another new movement; Rocking. Your task for this week is to spend 3 minutes rocking on 3 seperate days. 

Not sure you know how to rock? See Coach Sam's video demonstration for a few examples. Have fun!


Enjoy and check back often for more challenges from Smugs Fitness. Up next (in April), the famous ABril Challenge!