It's Back! The ABril Challenge starts tomorrow!


Summer is coming! It’s time to strengthen that midsection and get ready for hot weather and vacations! The ABril Challenge will help you develop a stronger core, improve your posture and build a midsection you can be proud to bare at the beach this summer!

The Rules:
Beginning April 1st (no joke!) and continuing through April 30th, the ABril Challenge workouts for each week will be posted here. The first week of workouts are featured at the end of today's post. You can also go to the Smugs Fitness Instagram Feed (@smugsfitness) and the Smugs Fitness Facebook Page ( each day for a video demonstration of the workout. You are encouraged to complete one workout each day, but fear not if you miss a day, you can always do it at a later time during the Challenge as long as it is done prior to 11:59 PM on April 30th.

Upon completion of each workout, log your result using the following Google Spreadsheet. 


WEEK #1: April 1st – April 7th

#1: 6 Rounds:

10 seconds StrongFirst Plank

10 seconds REST

#23 Rounds

30 seconds Leg Drops

30 seconds REST

#3: 6 Rounds

20 seconds Side Plank with Hip Dip  (alternate sides each round)

10 seconds REST

#4:  Complete 4 rounds of the following

30 seconds Suitcase Crunches

15 seconds REST

#5:  Complete 4 Rounds:

10/10 Dead Bugs

10/10 Bird Dogs       

#6: Complete 3 Rounds:

30 Scissors (per leg)

30 seconds REST

#7: 30 V-ups