21 Days to Turkey 2018!

We have a challenge for the Smugs Fitness family as we head into the holiday season. We're encouraging every member of our community to work on one aspect of nutrition between November 1st and November 21st leading up to the Thanksgiving Holiday! Simply pick a goal, drop us an email to let us know you're participating so we can add you to our accountability sheet, and start your holiday season off on the right foot with nutritious foods.  The possibilities are endless, so do what works best for you and learn more about how your body responds to food. 

Some examples include:

Adding more protein

Consistently eating X meals each day (you decide or experiment with how many meals work best for you)

Eating 5-7 servings of vegetables a day

Eliminating one bad food or drink habit (diet soda, anyone?)

Tracking food/drink intake

Eliminating processed foods

Eliminating processed sugar/sweets

Adding healthy fats

Eliminating unhealthy snacks

Slowing down when snacking and being mindful of what you are eating

We look forward to hearing about your goals and encouraging you over the next 3 weeks! The challenge starts Thursday...who's in?

ABtober Challenge 2018 Week #5: 10/29-10/31

This is it! The last 3 days!

MONDAY AB-tober #29:

50 Pushup-to-Plank

TUESDAY AB-tober #30:

75 V-ups

(thanks to Lieutenant Gentry for the suggestion!)

WEDNESDAY AB-tober #31:

15 Rounds of:

10 seconds Hardstyle Plank

10 seconds REST

ABtober Challenge 2018 Week #4: 10/22-10/28

MONDAY AB-tober #22:

2 Rounds:

1 minute Russian Twists(use any object that you have)

30 seconds REST

TUESDAY AB-tober #23:

3 rounds:

30 seconds Side Plank with Leg Lift( right)

30 seconds Side Plank with Leg Lift (left)

30 seconds REST

WEDNESDAY AB-tober #24:

60  V-ups

THURSDAY AB-tober #25:

3 Rounds:

40 seconds Spiderman Plank, 20 seconds Rest

FRIDAY AB-tober #26:

Complete as many rounds as possible in 3 minutes

12 X-Situps

6 Plank Jacks

SATURDAY AB-tober #27:

For 4 minutes, alternate between the following two exercises

30 seconds Flutter Kicks

30 seconds Sit Throughs

SUNDAY AB-tober #28:

3 Rounds:

30 seconds Hollow Rocks

30 seconds REST 

ABtober Challenge 2018 Week #3: 10/15-10/21

MONDAY AB-tober #15:

2 Rounds each person!

1 minute of Partner Leg Throwdowns

(No partner, no problem…do 1 minute of Leg Lifts instead!)

TUESDAY AB-tober #16:

3 Rounds:

30 seconds Side Plank(right), 15 seconds REST

30 seconds Side Plank (left), 15 seconds REST

WEDNESDAY AB-tober #17:

1 minute T-Plank Rotations

1 minute MAX Rep Situps

THURSDAY AB-tober #18:

45 V-ups

FRIDAY AB-tober #19:

2 Rounds:

1 minute Bird Dogs

1 minute Dead Bugs

SATURDAY AB-tober #20:

3 rounds:

30 Mountain Hoppers (each leg is 1/2 rep)

30 seconds REST

SUNDAY AB-tober #21:

For 3 minutes, alternate between the following two exercises

30 seconds Windshield Wipers (Floor)

30 seconds Glute Bridges

ABtober Challenge 2018 Week #2: 10/8-10/14


Complete as many rounds a possible in 3 minutes

4 X-Situps (2/side)

8 Situps

TUESDAY AB-tober #9:

For 4 minutes, alternate between the following two exercises

30 seconds Windshield Wipers (Floor)

30 seconds Pushup-to-Plank

WEDNESDAY AB-tober #10:

Accumulate 100’ of Traveling Plank

THURSDAY AB-tober #11:

12 Rounds of:

10 seconds Hardstyle Plank

10 seconds REST

FRIDAY AB-tober #12:

Accumulate 3 minutes of Hollow Body Hold

SATURDAY AB-tober #13:

For 4 minutes, alternate between the following two exercises

30 seconds Glute Bridges

30 seconds Flutter Kicks

SUNDAY AB-tober #14:

3 rounds:

25 Suitcase Crunches

10 Plank Jacks

ABtober Challenge 2018 Week #1: 10/1-10/7


9 Rounds of:

10 seconds Hardstyle Plank

10 seconds REST


Complete as many rounds as possible in 3 minutes:

5/5 Sit Throughs

10 Situps


3 Rounds

30 seconds Pushup-to-Plank

30 seconds REST


For 4 minutes, alternate between the following two exercises

30 seconds Superman Hold

30 seconds Hollow Body Hold


25 V-ups


Accumulate 3 minutes of  T-Plank Rotations


3 rounds:

20 Leg Lifts

30 seconds REST


The ABtober Challenge 2018 begins 10/01! Who's in?!?

ABtober 2018!

The warm weather is subsiding, pumpkin spice is all the rage and jack-o-lanterns are starting to spring up on doorsteps! For Smugs Fitness enthusiasts, the month of October also means something very special…It’s ABTOBER CHALLENGE time!


During the month of ABtober, there will be a short, core -focused workout to be completed everyday in addition to the Free Daily Workout posted each day. Don’t worry if you miss a day or two. You will have the entire month to get them all completed.

Each Sunday night in October, the ABtober Workouts for the whole week (Sunday – Saturday), will be released via the Smugs Fitness Blog. (http://smugsfitness.com/blog). We’ll track your progress via the Google Sheet below once you are signed up for the challenge.

ABtober Google Sheet Tracker

To sign up, simply add your name to the sheet above and start tracking! If you have questions, email Coach Sam or Coach Kory You can sign up at anytime during the month.  

*NOTE to Woodward Academy Employees:

Please sign up through the Cooleaf website (www.cooleaf.com) also! You’ll receive 2 Cooleaf points for each AB-Tober Workout you complete AND as an added bonus, if you complete all 31 workouts, you’ll receive an additional 40 points!


1. You will build a STRONGER MIDSECTION!

2. You will improve your stability when performing other movements!

3. Everyone who completes all thirty-one (31) AB-Tober workouts will be entered into a random drawing to WIN one (1) of two (2) Smugs Fitness Swag Bags.

4. You will become STRONGER!

To get you primed and ready to rock some October Abs, here are the first two ABtober Workouts!


9 Rounds of

10 seconds StrongFirst Plank10 seconds REST


Complete as many rounds as possible in 3 minutes:

5/5 Sit Throughs

10 Situps

Looking forward to a great month with you all!

The Smugs Fitness Coaches!

Strong Mom!

We see our clients through many stages and changes in life, and one of the most exciting changes is the expansion of a family!  Long-time client Rebecca trained with us throughout her pregnancy and returned to the gym just as soon as it was safe to do so.  Here's Rebecca's experience in her own words:

"I continued training throughout my pregnancy. Being a first-time mom, I didn't know if I'd be able to continue to train. But Sam checked in with me each session to make sure I was doing well and had no complications, and then he'd adjust my workout routine accordingly. I never felt like I was doing more than I could or should.

I feel that continuing to train during my pregnancy helped me stay strong as I got bigger, and it made me more efficient at laboring my baby when the time came. My doctors and nurses in Labor and Delivery all agreed that my consistent training is what helped me push my baby out in 20 minutes!  Each push was so effective that I only pushed 7 times before my baby was born.  They called me a "Rockstar" in the delivery room!

Training at Smugs has also helped me in my postpartum recovery. As soon as my doctor released me, I got right back to it, and I already feel more like myself at 3 months postpartum!"

Congratulations, Rebecca, and thank you for allowing us to continue to be a part of your training and life!

BIG News!

We are thrilled to announce that we’re adding THREE new kettlebell classes each week!  Starting June 4th, our 5:45AM kettlebell class will kick off.  Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you’ll have the opportunity to get your swings in before starting your work day!  We’re also offering an unlimited group fitness monthly membership.  For $149/month, you’ll have access to morning, evening, and Saturday kettlebell classes AND our Monday through Friday noon class, now open to everyone.  Remember all Smugs classes are capped at 10 participants.  To purchase your membership, contact Coach Kory

The Swing into Summer Challenge Starts May 5th!

You survived ABril, but there are still 4 more weeks until Memorial Day weekend and the official start of summer...what to do next? Join us for the Swing into Summer Challenge! It's simple and requires only a kettlebell, yet will help you build a stronger and leaner body to get your prepared for all your summer fun!

The Swing into Summer Challenge runs from May 5th - May 25th, 2018...21 Days of Swings!

There are 3 levels of participation:

Swinger:  500 Swings per Week

Super Swinger:  1000 Swings per Week

Super Duper Swinger:  2000 Swings per Week

Choose the level that is appropriate for you and get swinging!

The Rules

Each week you must complete the required number of swings for the level you selected (levels listed below). You can do one handed swings or two handed swings to complete your total and you can break them up in any manner in which you desire during the week, just get them done!

We'll track your progress using the Google Sheet found HERE!

Good luck and just keep swinging, just keep swinging...!