October 2018

21 Days to Turkey 2018!

We have a challenge for the Smugs Fitness family as we head into the holiday season. We're encouraging every member of our community to work on one aspect of nutrition between November 1st and November 21st leading up to the Thanksgiving Holiday! Simply pick a goal, drop us an email to let us know you're participating so we can add you to our accountability sheet, and start your holiday season off on the right foot with nutritious foods.  The possibilities are endless, so do what works best for you and learn more about how your body responds to food. 

Some examples include:

Adding more protein

Consistently eating X meals each day (you decide or experiment with how many meals work best for you)

Eating 5-7 servings of vegetables a day

Eliminating one bad food or drink habit (diet soda, anyone?)

Tracking food/drink intake

Eliminating processed foods

Eliminating processed sugar/sweets

Adding healthy fats

Eliminating unhealthy snacks

Slowing down when snacking and being mindful of what you are eating

We look forward to hearing about your goals and encouraging you over the next 3 weeks! The challenge starts Thursday...who's in?

ABtober Challenge 2018 Week #5: 10/29-10/31

This is it! The last 3 days!

MONDAY AB-tober #29:

50 Pushup-to-Plank

TUESDAY AB-tober #30:

75 V-ups

(thanks to Lieutenant Gentry for the suggestion!)

WEDNESDAY AB-tober #31:

15 Rounds of:

10 seconds Hardstyle Plank

10 seconds REST

10/29/2018: Monday Workout!

These ladies rocked the TSC Saturday!

Workout #301 of 365 (2018)

10/28/2018: Sunday Workout!


Workout #300 of 365 (2018)

10/27/2018: Saturday Workout!


Workout #299 of 365 (2018)

10/25/2018: Thursday Workout!

We're not sure who had more fun, Dano or Liam. 

Workout #297 of 365 (2018)