May 2018

05/24/2018: More Kettlebell!

Kettlebells are simple tools that yield highly effective and efficient results. Pick one up today and learn to use it reguarly.

Workout #143 of 365 (2018)

05/21/2018: Just move your body!

Be consistent. Move heavy things. Trust your training. Enjoy being fierce. Donyal does it all in the gym and out of the gym; raising 5 awesome kids and being a super strong Mom! Hands down, she's among the best! 

Workout #140 of 365 (2018)


05/20/2018: Getup and Swing!

Your second place Smugs Fitness GA Playworks Kickabll Tournament Team 2018! We're moving year, we will be the "Most Successful" team! Thanks to everyone who came out to play this year!

Workout #140 of 365 (2018)

05/19/2018: Endurance Training!

Come out to the Kirkwood Spring Fling today and stop by to see Coach Sam in the Kirkwood Business Owners Tent from 12:30 - 2:15! While you're there, pick up your Wine Stroll tickets for just $30! This is the lowest price of the year...get them now or pay more later! See you today!

Workout #139 of 365 (2018)

05/18/2018: Kettlebells for a Booty-ful Weekend!'re not supposed to nap on the Airdyne! 

Workout #138 of 365 (2018)