January 2017

01/31/2017: January is GONE! Let's keep swinging that bell!

Couples who workout together...are STRONG!

Workout #31 of 365 (2017)   

01/30/2017: Bodyweight Blaster!

Congrats to our new SFG Instructors! Coach Kory Muehlhauser (www.trainwithkory.com) (right picture with Coach Sam), Coach Sharee Clarke (Yes, that is Sharee Clarke as in wife of Coach Charles Clarke) (upper left picture) and soon to be Instructors Tara N. and JoAnna R. (upper left). In the lower left, Coach Sam is pictured with his Team of Instructors. Way to go Team Ross!

Workout #30 of 365 (2017)

01/27/2017: Dumbbells and Flab Away!


Go get it, Koach! Coach with a K, Kory Muehlhauser (www.trainwithkory.com), is heading off today to the StrongFirst SFG1 Certification! StrongFirst is the world leader in Kettlebell Instruction. The certification is 3 days and tests you both physcially and mentally. It's not easy! Kory's been training hard and working toward this weekend! Best of Luck and see you there!

Workout #27 of 365 (2017)

01/26/2017: Box Step-Ups, Swings, Pushups, V-ups and Sprints!

Deadlifts...they help women build strong bodies. Jody (front) and Jackie (back) are strong women who deadlift regularly and can kick some serious a**! If the zombies come these two are on my team. They can pick up heavy objects and move the efficiently over long distances, they'll never be among the first ones eaten, and if you need someone to help you pick up the backend of a car, they'll be right over to do it! #strongwomen #strongHER

01/25/2017: Kettlebell Swings and other things!

"Jumped outta bed, put my swag on. Looked in the mirror, said what's up?" - Soulja Boy 

Looks like we all got the memo! Get your SWAG on!

Workout #25 of 365 (2017)