July 2016

07/20/2016: Dumbbell Workout + Crawling + Sprinting

Robert getting in some Kettlebell Swings! Hips fully extended, glutes squeezed, arms relaxed, and eyes straight out over the bell. Looking good, Sir!

Workout #202 of 366 (2016)

07/19/2016: Kettlebell Complex Workout

We have some strong women in #KirkwoodATL! Jody R. carrying 96 pounds and making it look easy! Time to load that bar just a bit heavier next week! Looking strong, Jody!

Workout #201 of 366 (2016)

New! Kettlebell Swing and Goblet Squat Workout!

The Kettlebell Swing Ladder with Goblet Squats

One of my favorite workouts when I am short on time is the Kettlebell Swing Ladder. It's a great workout for packing in a large volume of swings into a small period of time. Since I love the combination of Kettlebell Swings and Goblet Squats, I wanted to incorporate them into a workout while still using the ladder and increasing Kettlebell weights. The workout below resulted from the combination of the two movements and the ladder. The workout should take less than 20 minutes! 

EQUIPMENT: You'll need 4 Kettlebells with different weights to perform this workout as it is written. If you don't have 4 bells, use what you have and  modify the reps/rounds to get a total of 150 Kettlebell Swings and 30 Goblet Squats.

THE WORKOUT: Complete 5 Rounds of the following (arrange bells from lightest to heaviest)

Lightest Kettlebell: 5 Swings, 1 Goblet Squat

Medium-Light Kettlebell:Swings, 1 Goblet Squat

Lightest Kettlebell: Swings, 1 Goblet Squat

Medium-Heavy Kettlebell: Swings, 1 Goblet Squat

Lightest Kettlebell: Swings, 1 Goblet Squat

Heaviest Kettlebell: 5 Swings, 1 Goblet Squat

***Recover as needed and stay Fast and Loose as you recover.***

Give it a shot and see what you think! Chime in on the Smugs Fitness Facebook Page.



07/18/2016: Bodyweight Workout!

The calm before the storm in the #Smugsfitness Lab!

Workout #200 of 366 (2016)

07/15/2016: Kettlebells and Yosemite!

The new Smugs Fitness T-Shirt has made it to Yosemite! Thanks Carolyn P. from Woodward Academy for spreading the Smugs Fitness love! Send in your Smugs Fitness T-shirt travels for the chance to be a Blog Star!

Workout #197 of 366 (2016)