April 2016

05/02/2016: No Equipment Needed...Just you!

The Wednesday Power Hour Ladies getting after it in their finisher. Swings, Presses, and Squats had them feeling awesome!

Workout #123 of 366 (2016)

05/01/2016: Sunday Strength Workout

Workout #122 of 366 (2016)        

04/30/2016: Running Endurance Workout - Short/Medium Sprints

The AB-ril Challenge ends today! You have until midnight to complete any missed workouts! Get it done and have some fun!

Workout #121 of 366 (2016)

04/28/2016: Box Drill Bodyweight Workout!

Good looking shirts on even better looking people! New WA Boot Camp shirts arriving in a few weeks! Remember, these shirts cannot be purchased, but must be earned!

Workout #119 of 366 (2016)

04/26/2016: Celebrating Shakespeare with some exercise!

Today’s workout is in memory of Shakespeare’s birthday (no one is certain about the exact date, but, it’s either 23 April 1564 or 24 April 1564. He was baptized on 26 April 1564). All numbers and the idea to honor Bill were presented to me by “The Grahaminator” from the Woodward Academy English Department, so please send all disgruntled messages to



04/25/2016: Crawl, Lunge, Run!

Dave and Leah "getting up" and starting their morning with some Get-Ups! Couples who train together, grow strong and healthy together! Get-Ups are an awesome way to start your day and will have you moving and feeling better all day!

Workout #116 of 366 (2016)

04/24/2016: Kettlebell Swings, V-Ups, Star Jumps!

Put some weight on your barbell and take it for a walk!

Workout #115 of 366 (2016)