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05/14/2017: Happy Mother's Day!

#strongmom #happymom #mothersday #sheawesome

Workout #134 of 365 (2017)

05/13/2017: Run!

Don't like running? Hope on the Airdyne and get your endurance training that way!

Workout #133 of 365 (2017)

05/12/2017: Dumbbell Workout and Friday Flab Away!

Isabella is one strong lady! She's been consistent in her workouts and it is paying off for her! Looking good, Isabella!

Workout #132 of 365 (2017)

05/11/2017: Kettlebell Workout!

Jody dropping into a heavy Goblet Squat. She looks string and stable at the bottom despite the bell being almost half bodyweight! #strongwomen #shesonmyteam

Workout #131 of 365 (2017)

05/10/2017: Wednesday Workout!

Workout #130 of 365 (2017)