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02/12/2018: Bodyweight Monday!

Ryan C. squatting the BEAST! #whenthewifeisawaythebeastcomesout

Workout #43 of 365 (2018)                        

02/11/2018: Getup and Swing!

The Tactical Strength Challenge is coming April 14th! Are you in? Smugs Fitness is a host facility, so we hope to see you there!

Workout #42 of 365 (2018)   

02/10/2018: Interval Work! Run, Row, Ride!

Crooked Arm Bars...great for improving your T-Spine mobility and stability when working to press/pull maximal loads. Everyone looks different in their arm bars, but everyone can improve with time. Two different humans and two different range of motion shown in the picture.

Workout #41 of 365(2018)   

02/09/2017: Kettlebells and Flab Away for your FriYAY!

Speaking of Kettlebells...don't forget to come out to the Smugs Fitness lab located in KIRKWOOD tomorrow at 9:00 AM for Coach JoAnna's Kettlebell Class! Sign up in advance as space is limited to 10 participants. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

Workout #40 of 365 (2018)   

02/08/2018: Kettlebell Workout!

Workout #39 of 365 (2018)